Easter Crafts at churchSUNDAY SCHOOL PROGRAM



Our Sunday School program begins on September 11, 2016 and continues through May 2017. TO REGISTER FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Our curriculum, “Journey Into Faith”,  is tailor-made for our vibrant community of families growing in light, service and table. We weave the spiritual learning of our youth to the congregation through song, crafts, games, discussions and social activities as appropriate by age level.  Together, we all explore stories and themes presented from the Bible, Christian authors, Music, Community Service Projects and Mission work, to name a few.

As Children of God, we share our love of Christ, Faith in God and service to our local community and beyond as we pull from a number of resources and curriculum.

We take a Journey Into Faith each Sunday and our age level groups are named accordingly:


Pioneers – from Cradle to Tots

Explorers – Pre-K through Grade School

Wayfarers – Middle School

Seekers – High School

Adventurers – College

We do ask that all children attending Sunday School have a sign-up sheet filled out prior to the start of the service to ensure a safe and positive experience.  Please register HERE.


Thinking about joining us for the first time, not ready to register or have questions about how you can get involved? Please fill out the contact form below.

Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Please contact Mindy Hinkel to learn more about our Youth Education programs. Or when you visit us on Sunday, ask an usher to introduce you to one of the members of our Christian Education committee. Stay for our Fellowship hour after church to meet our youth as they share their excitement in what they’ve learned at Sunday School!

All Church youth programs, in our building or during community events or trips, are conducted under our Safe Church Policy.

If at any time, you have questions about our program or have interest in getting involved, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Mindy Hinkel,
Interim Sunday School Coordinator

Sunday School

Sunday School offers our children the opportunity to learn about God’s love, hear about Jesus and his disciples, act out the great stories of the Bible and make new friends. We have something for all ages including parents and guardians who are welcome to visit and join in the fun at Sunday School. We form our faith habits together at First Congregational Church of Sharon, a faith community committed to growing in Light, Service and an open Table.  We have a number of active groups of children:

Cradle to Tots Room
Infants and toddlers are welcome to stay with their parents during worship services. However, we do have an adult-supervised cradle room for families who’d like to have their babies and toddlers cared for during worship. This room offers toys and books read by our volunteers who help start your child on the path towards knowing God’s love in community.

Youth Fellowship

We a number of active groups for our youth at First Congregational Church of Sharon.

  • Grade School  – all ages from pre-K to 1st grade and 2nd through 5th grade levels.  We’ve found that our children love to teach each other and share as they grow together. We have two teachers to give each age level the attention they need but allow the children to learn and play collaboratively.
  • Middle School – all ages from 6th through 9th grades. Our middle schoolers focus on Bible study, living our Church Covenant and enjoy service projects. Occasionally, they join the Grade school as mentors and guides helping us take our Faith out into the community. In addition to weekly Sunday School, our Middle Schoolers meet once a month for First Friday club, from 7 pm – 9 pm the first Friday of each month during September through May for games and activities of their own choice with friends.
  • High School – all ages from 10th grade through Senior year. Our confirmed youth enjoy attending worship service and giving back to their church community as the volunteer to read Children’s Time story, assist in the Cradle to Tots Room or Grade School, lead service projects, as well as bring their musical talents to worship service.

Young Adult Connections

  • College – we offer the opportunity for our college students to return during breaks and retain an active role in their home community.