2016 MISSION TRIP PINE RIDGE –Our Trip last August to work with Re-member and the Oglula Lakota people of Pine Ridge went very well and we have continued to follow up with our connections there. Pastor Steve visted the Reservation in October. Our Sunday School shared books and bean bags to support the Procupine Day School. We have also supported Re-member’s firewood and blanket programs this winter. We are hoping to continue to develop our relationship by sending another group during the same time frame as last year July 29th – August 5th. The cost will be similar to last year, $775 per person, which includes: travel, food, lodging and touring. If you are interested please speak to Pastor Steve as soon as possible. We need to let Re-member know the size of our group by the end of January. Please come to the informational meeting and presentation after church on Sunday January 24th if you would like to go, or learn more about the trip, or would like to help out with the planning in anyway.

Planning began in June of 2014. Thank you to Carolyn Appleman for all her research and coordinating.
FUNdrasing included two rummage sales, a wonderful Native American Dinner, and donations from family, friends, and the church to support the trip and the people of Pine Ridge.
Finally it’s really happening!
August 1 – Send of was at 4:30 AM with the blessing of the full moon and the stares. After a quick song they where off to spend most of the day flying. After arriving they took part in a Pow-Wow where 500 different tribes celebrated. August 2- After a hail storm a magnificent Rainbow appeared. And they hiked the bad lands! August 3- They toured what will be the new home of Remeber – Feather II, There Visit to wounded knee was very moving. Chris got introduced to a giant grasshopper. They gathered with the other 3 mission groups for an orientation. August 4 – Outhouses already to be delived but the constant 30 mile an hour winds blow them all down! Some of our team members worked on skirting trailers. August 5- Chris and Brian worked on a handicap ramp with other members of missions teams.
More to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

POT LUCK DINNER – Our Mission Team would like to share our experiences on the reservation with everyone at a pot luck dinner to be held at the church, Friday November 13th . They can sign up either by calling me at 781-784-6840 or by e-mail chrylwhiting@yahoo.com or I will have a sign up sheet in the parish hall after church service as well. If anyone is interested in attempting to make an authentic Lakota dish –Pastor Steve has a couple of cookbooks you can take a look at. Thanks Cheryl