The first Saturday of every month the First Congregational Church will be holding a food drive in the horseshoe driveway at the front of the church.  Any non perishable grocery items along with personal and household supplies can be drop off. The food will go to support the First Congregational Church Food Pantry and the Ilse Marks Food Pantry in Stoughton.  We can not accept any food that is open or expired.   Thank you for your generosity and thinking of others less fortunate then yourself.

The following are some suggestions:
Canned fruit – no sugar added

Toothpaste*, tooth brushes*

Canned meats: tuna, chicken, salmon, ham, Hash,

Toilet paper*, Paper Towels, Kleenix

Instant Coffee*, Tea*, Hot Chocolate, Hot or Cold, Decaffeinated and regular, Lemon Aide, Juice

Shampoo, soap, deodorant

Laundry soap* (small bottles or pods) and cleaning supplies

Peanut Butter & jelly*

Baking supplies: Flour, Sugar, oil, vanilla, cinnamon, baking soda, baking powder, salt

Soups, Beef Stew, chili

Rice, canned beans, baked beans, brown bread

Crackers, cookies, granola bars

Pancake mix that just uses water, maple syrup,

Hot and Cold Cereal,

Shelf stable milk

Salt free, sugar free, fat free, gluten free items

*items are the very most needed – Thank you!