Our journey of faith deepens as we have begun the Holy Season of Lent.  Lent is a period of 40 days which begins with Ash Wednesday and leads us week by week into Holy Week and Easter Sunday.  In Lent we face the depth of the challenges to the way of love in our world – the suffering, pain, and violence – that diminish people’s lives, while remembering  the power of God’s love in Christ  In Lent we open ourselves more fully to a passionate welcoming love that overcomes and transforms our suffering and brings us into new life.

We mark Lent through emphasizing particular faith practices:

<Each Sunday in Lent we gather as an intergenerational community to worship our God of Love, to hear the biblical stories of Christ’s transforming power, to pray for the needs of our world and each other, and then to go forth in serving together in caring mission! The song “The Summons” sets the tone for our worship . “Will you come and follow me if I but call your name, will you go where you don’t know and never be the same, will you let my love be shown, will you let my name be known, will let my life be grown in you and you in me?

<For this year’s Season of Lent  we are focusing on Jesus as the Bread of Life who we experience especially through Holy Communion. On Ash Wednesday we enjoyed fresh-baked bread and the passing of the Cup as we formed a circle of love in Christ. Our Communion on the first Sunday of March will also feature fresh-baked bread and sharing of the Cup in a way that emphasizes our unity in the Bread of Life.

<We will also continue reading the book  “eat this bread” by Sara Miles which testifies to the power of the Sacrament t,o invigorate both our spiritual lives and our mission in the world, especially our mission of sharing food through our Food Pantry,  Pantry Soup and the Ilse Marks Food Pantry in Stoughton… . Discussion of the “eat this bread” book will occur on the third Sunday of each month after church, starting on February 21rst.  We are also tentatively planning a Sunday afternoon retreat on Holy Communion as a faith practice –  for after Easter

< In addition to emphasizing our food ministries in Lent, we will also be thinking of our mission with those whose lives who have been disrupted by the war in Syria and who have become refugees, losing not only their daily bread but their homes and their communities, having to start new lives in other countries.   The dinner  on this topic on Saturday, March 12th to benefit Church World Service is not to be missed! (link)