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Come join our faith community.  We are an open and affirming church.  This means we actively support diversity in all its forms.  See Open and Affirming statement.  We welcome everyone into the fellowship and service of our congregation.   Our Sunday Worship and Sunday School is at 10:00 a.m. (9:30 a.m. during the summer months)

Our mission is to grow in our relationships with God and those around us.  We find God in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Scriptures, in service to others, and in the celebration and commemoration of the important milestones in the life of our families and communities.   See our Beliefs.


Pine Ridge Trip Launches This Sunday July 24, 2016


Leg OneThis Sunday begins the first legbikes leaving of our “Journey into Service” with Re-member – working with the Oglala Lakota people of Pine Ridge!

Brian Fitzgerald and Boy Scouts Chris Fitzgerald and Colin Snow will bring the U-Haul truck full of 55 bikes to worship on Sunday. After Church we will have a Prayer of Blessing for their trip. Then they will start the drive to South Dakota.

Leg Two – The rest of the team: Pastor Steve, Susy Reed, Joy Titus, Dawn Fitzgerald and Boy Scouts Kevin Fitzgerald and Eli Woodbury will fly out next Wednesday to Denver and drive to Pine Ridge the next day.

On Thursday afternoon and Friday morning our team will make connections on the reservation and prepare for Friday’s bike distribution at the new Pine Ridge skate park (sponsored by Levi’s). Susy Reed and Joy Titus will be focusing of connections with the Red Cloud Mission School music program and the Porcupine Day School and teacher Nikki Kornetzke. On Thursday night we will again be staying at the First Congregational Church UCC in Rapid City.

Leg Three – On Saturday afternoon we will begin our time of working with Re-member and the Oglala Lakota people of Pine Ridge. Joy Titus will be taking part in a special learning track of Lakota history and culture, led by Lakota Elders and Nikki Kornetzke called “Wicounge”. The rest of the team will work on projects such as the ones we worked on last year, bunk beds, skirting trailers, outhouses.  We will attend a Pow-Wow and each night hear a talk by someone from the tribe. We will also do some touring of Wounded Knee, Black Elk historical site, Oglala Lakota College etc.